SPC Engage Berlin

Oct 28, 2020 - Oct 29, 2020 Berlin, Germany

Join us in Berlin for SPC Engage 2020!
Recovering a Balance in Packaging Sustainability

Packaging has had a long journey discovering what ‘sustainable’ means. From its legacy discussions in lightweighting to today’s backlash against hard-to-recycle plastic packaging. Sustainable packaging is a balancing act between materials, formats and ever evolving recovery systems. SPC Engage Berlin will confront these tradeoffs, analyzing positive outcomes and unintended consequences from switching between materials, as well as evaluate challenges and promising solutions in packaging recovery policy, technology and markets. SPC Engage Berlin is focused on actionable takeaways, and will showcase impactful initiatives with demonstrated impact and help participants ask the right questions, and navigate a balanced approach to making sustainable packaging decisions. 

Why SPC Engage Berlin?

The Sustainable Packaging Coalition (SPC) launched its inaugural European event last year in London – SPC Engage London – which was dedicated to helping companies activate their sustainable packaging goals, as more and more companies are making bold public commitments to sustainable packaging. We uncovered a broad range of strategies that industry is using to help meet their goals, such as improving recovery infrastructure and designing for recovery. We learned that there are many positive initiatives underway but there is still a lot of work to do and a strong sense of urgency. The market is in reactive mode in response to plastic pollution and it is critically important to find harmonized approaches in policy, avoid making unfortunate substitutions that lead to unintentional consequences, and to be transparent in communicating with consumers. 

This year, SPC Engage is moving to continental Europe to continue the conversation started in London, with a deeper dive into some of these topics. The SPC has a long history of bringing the packaging value chain together to collaborate on advancing packaging sustainability. Our members include over 400 brands, retailers, packaging converters and material manufacturers, representing the whole value chain and connecting a growing global network.


AXICA Convention Centre

SPC Engage Berlin will be hosted at the AXICA Convention Centre! At this unique crossroads right next to the Brandenburg Gate and Reichstag, you can experience Berlin's lively past, present and future all in one.

Opening Reception

Help us kick off SPC Engage Berlin with our opening reception at Hopfingerbrau on Wednesday evening!

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