Collaboratives are opportunities for SPC members to work together on specific areas within sustainable packaging and translate their discussions into actionable outputs. While each Collaborative has a different objective, their holistic goal is to help guide SPC members and the industry at large in navigating and identifying opportunities to address sustainable packaging challenges.


Active Collaboratives relevant to SPC’s Innovation Pillar



Discussing reusable packaging fundamentals and challenges, while identifying opportunities where reusable packaging fits in the sustainable packaging space.

Compostable Packaging Collaborative

Sharing knowledge and best practices on labeling and composting infrastructure for compostable packaging, including both fiber products and compostable bioplastics.


Active Collaboratives relevant to SPC’s Packaging Design Pillar



Focused on giving SPC Members the tools to translate best practices for the design of sustainable packaging across their organization, with a particular focus on marketing and R&D teams.


Active Collaboratives relevant to SPC’s Policy Pillar


Packaging Policy Collaborative

Exploring the complex legislative landscape of policy related to packaging sustainability and end of life.


Active Collaboratives relevant to SPC’s Recovery Pillar


Flexible Packaging Recovery Collaborative

This Collaborative studies sustainable end-of-life solutions for multi-laminate flexible packaging.

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