A modern plant for sorting and recycling household waste and waste. Large industrial complex of conveyors, bunkers.

About Recovery

A well-designed package isn’t headed for the landfill. Considering the recovery infrastructure of both today and tomorrow, we help the packaging value chain find solutions for a package’s end-of-life. This includes aligning with next-level mechanical recycling technologies like enhanced sortation equipment, AI, and robotics; as well as navigating the many technologies of chemical (also known as advanced or molecular) recycling.

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Flexible Packaging Recovery Collaborative

Studying sustainable end-of-life solutions for multi-laminate flexible packaging.

Chemical Recycling Collaborative

Focused on making sense of the range of chemical recycling technologies and identifying where these technologies can be applied to advance circular and sustainable packaging systems.

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Curated Guides, Case Studies, 101s, and Position Statements publicly available to support your sustainability journey

Intro to Flexible Packaging Recovery

Flexible packaging plays an important role in packaging sustainability, however despite its many benefits, end-of-life recovery is still a major challenge


An introduction to paper packaging recyclability test methods & specifications

Plastic Film & Flexible Packaging Collection Mechanisms in the United States

A table that shows how it works, where it’s available, what materials are accepted, and its advnatages + challenges

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Chemical Recycling and the Circular Economy

How Can the Chemical Recycling Industry Optimize its Role in the Circular Economy for Plastics?

Can Paper Packaging Innovations Be Recycled?

New Paper Packaging Recyclability Test from Cepi Can Help

It Will Take a Village to Recycle All Plastics

SPC Advance 2022 Recap

Collaborating to create the future of flexible packaging at SPC Advance 2022

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Paula Leardini

Manager, Circular Plastics, SPC, GreenBlue

Learn more about advancements in sortation, reprocessing, and mechanical and chemical recycling – contact Paula to get involved!