October 23, 2019 | London, UK

Activating Packaging Sustainability Through Goals Implementation

The Sustainable Packaging Coalition’s SPC Engage: London event is about activating corporate sustainability goals. This event will help brands and retailers understand how to align their goals with larger global sustainability frameworks and commitments like the Sustainable Development Goals, the EU Circular Economy Package and the New Plastics Economy, and provide key insights into goal setting and implementation unique to each organization.

Some key topics the event will address include:

  • The landscape of legal and voluntary sustainability commitments
  • Thinking through corporate sustainability goals, the pitfalls, and the right questions to ask
  • Identifying best in class goals and their nuances
  • Exploring successful strategies companies can use in their own organizations

The salon-style event will include interactive presentations and panels that provide a balanced overview on key topics and tradeoffs in sustainability goals accompanied by workshops that will help brands, their suppliers, and others in the sustainable packaging community to develop actionable strategies to implement their goals while providing them with a platform to learn, share ideas, and collaborate with their industry peers.

Building off the Sustainable Packaging Coalition’s growth and success in North America and work in corporate packaging sustainability goals, the SPC is excited to host SPC Engage in London as our inaugural European event.

SPC Engage by the Numbers

Speaker Spotlight



Kristen Davis

Founder and CEO


Virginia Janssens

Managing Director


Paul Vanston


Mars, Inc.

Juan Manuel Banez-Romero

Sr. European Public Affairs Manager

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