IGI Enviro-Coatings

IGI Enviro-Coatings

For over 75 years The International Group, Inc. (IGI) has been a leading refiner, compounder and blender of paraffin and microcrystalline waxes.  IGI is the world’s only supplier of these materials utilizing internally sourced raw materials.  With worldwide sales, and extensive manufacturing and logistics support throughout North America, IGI is positioned for continued growth.  Serving over 100 different markets, IGI has a key supply position in paper based packaging coatings, candles and personal care applications.  With changing market demand, IGI has added natural waxes and water-based coatings to our product portfolio.


IGI has been a leader in the testing and certification of a wide range of paraffin, paraffin/ natural waxes and straight natural waxes to meet ASTM D6400 and/or D6868 and to attain Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI) certification.  We believe this is a key step forward in advancing barrier coatings with a focus on packaging sustainability.


The next logical step for IGI’s packaging coatings business centered on recyclable coatings.  IGI Enviro-Coatings was established as a leading producer of recyclable water-based barrier coatings designed to enhance the barrier properties of paper based packaging.  The Aquaban line of paper treatments are capable of providing both BPI and Fiber Box Association (FBA) recyclability certification.  Enviro-Coatings continues IGI’s model of constant product evolution with efforts focused on bio-polymers,  manufacturing and application techniques to further reduce the impact of barrier coatings on environment.