ePac Flexible Packaging

ePac Flexible Packaging

Established in 2016, ePac is the first US-based flexible packaging company built entirely on the latest digital print technology. ePac’s digital printing platform is inherently sustainable; using less energy, producing less waste, and having a smaller carbon footprint than conventional printing technology. With the ability to order to demand, packaging obsolescence can also be eliminated, helping to keep unused plastic packaging out of landfills. As an industry leader in flexible packaging, ePac is an eco-friendly company offering sustainable films and is actively engaged in R&D projects designed to leverage the power of digital printing to track packaging on its post-consumer journey.

Serving brands of all sizes, ePac provides high-quality finished pouches and roll stock at competitive prices for short and medium run length orders. In addition to its sustainability efforts, ePac offers the following to its customers:

  • Quick turnaround times (orders ship in 10-15 business days, upon artwork approval)

  • Finished pouches and rollstock

  • Low minimum orders

  • Short and medium run length orders 

  • Order to demand, reduce obsolescence

  • No plate fees

ePac has been rapidly expanding throughout the US, Canada, and Western Europe. For more information, please visit: epacflexibles.com