Zack Leimkhueler


I am the Director of Product and Business Development for Expera Specialty Solutions. My team and I lead the product development efforts for Expera with a particular focus on improving packaging papers. Specifically our team has furthered the development of non-fluorinated grease resistant papers and other more sustainability focused products. I have also been involved with several collaborative efforts to help raise the awareness for the potential alternatives that exist in specialty paper and food packaging applications, with the goal of educating the supply chain on presenting options for brand owners to meet food safety goals.

I have been with Expera for nearly 20 years and have held positions in Manufacturing, Marketing, and Product Development. I have a Paper Science & Engineering degree from University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point.

2018 SPC Executive Committee Candidate

Why do you want to serve on the Executive Committee?
I believe that the SPC has become a key platform for both understanding and addressing consumer and customer needs when it comes to sustainable packaging. There is a great breadth of participation all throughout the supply chain, which gives the Executive Committee a unique opportunity to help guide consumers/customers through all the facts of each issue and present options and their benefits and risks. As a specialty paper manufacturer, this gives us the visibility to the issues and allows us to develop new products that provide a more sustainable life cycle. Also, because of our willingness for embracing development, it allows us to be an advocate for change if change is possible.
What do you think you would contribute as an Executive Committee representative?
As a specialty paper manufacturer, we are always open to and willing to help usher change with new products. This is a unique perspective as compared to commodity products, and one that allows us to react to change and understand what it takes to drive it. We have been able to use that perspective to be an educational voice in the market for what alternatives exist ( I believe I have already brought some of that perspective to SPC events (in reference to PFAS elimination) and would look forward to being a member of the Executive Committee so that I could continue to challenge the industry and bring a strong sense of collaboration to show what paper and other packaging mediums are capable of.