Ying Liu

Founder & CEO


Ying Liu is the founder and CEO of Blue Lake Packaging, a fiber-based packaging startup aiming to bring innovations and operational excellence to the packaging industry.

Prior to founding Blue Lake, Ying was a former Senior Director of product operations and corporate supplier responsibility at Apple. She built Apple China Procurement and Operations from scratch and visited hundreds of factories ranging from semiconductor to battery, from injection molding to final assembly throughout Asia. Based on her first-hand knowledge of how the packages are designed, manufactured, and disposed of, Ying particularly cares about the source of raw materials, the greenhouse emissions and the chemicals used in the manufacturing, and the disposal method at product exit. As a minority and woman business owner, Ying believes in an equal, diversified, and inclusive corporate culture and dedicates resources in supporting the underrepresented communities.

Ying grew up in Beijing and received her engineering degree from a prestigious university in China. Ying obtained her MBA in Supply China Management and Finance from Michigan State University. When Ying is not meeting clients or her engineering team, she enjoys volunteering in her local community and traveling with her husband and two lovely daughters.

Why do you want to serve on the Executive Committee?

As a member of SPC for the past three years, I developed a deep appreciation of what SPC has done. I read every paper that SPC published and attended almost every SPC event regardless of it’s in-person or virtual. I appreciate the balanced view of the supply chain and the data-driven approach that SPC provides to its member companies as well as the stakeholders.

On the other side, I have a growing sense of urgency that the stakeholders throughout the supply chain need to focus on collaborating and driving for actions and changes now. Coalition means SPC should play a role in helping member companies transform into sustainability leaders in terms of reducing carbon emissions, solid wastes, and toxic chemicals.

After observing the way how SPC works, I see the need to further strategize the priorities and expand SPC outreach nationally and internationally. Many global companies have set up their sustainability goal for 2030. It is a critical period that how SPC can influence the member companies and the industry as a whole to address shared concerns of climate change and pollutions.

I am willing to devote my time and energy in navigate through initiatives, building partnerships and supporting programs. At the end of my term, I hope SPC will become a more visible and influential industry platform. In the meantime, the Executive Committee should help SPC become more financially sustainable and healthy.

What do you think you would contribute as an Executive Committee representative?

When I become a SPC Executive Committee representative, I will utilize my deep knowledge of global supply chain and my industry network in technology development to support SPC initiatives and drive for mentality and behavior changes. During my 12-year tenure at Apple, I visited hundreds of factories and developed deep understanding of manufacturing processes and first hand knowledge of what it takes to build a greener supply chain.

Now with a goal of driving for zero-waste packaging solutions and infusing conventional packaging industry with innovations and operational excellence, I can build connections among the brands, manufactures, policymakers and advocacy agencies.

I have an extensive network with brands and manufactures. Also I have been invited as a frequent speaker for education programs and industry seminars. In the meantime, I am also bringing the perspective as an entrepreneur and minority woman business owner based in the center of Silicon Valley.

In summary, It is my belief that my well-versed supply chain background, my deep knowledge of technology opportunities and limitations, my passion for a more environmentally responsible world serve well on SPC Executive Committee as to provide strategic guidance, to expand outreach and accelerate growth, and to share perspectives and expertise.