Sonia Baltodano


Founder and CEO of Scrapworks, Sonia has long focused on the interplay of data science and user centered design as an approach to solving critical problems facing businesses and our planet.

Scrapworks was borne from Sonia’s deep conviction that business and the environment are not antithetical–well-managed companies are themselves sustainable and promote sustainability. Scrapworks provides the first generalized predictions platform, providing data solutions that enable sustainable growth. The Scrapworks platform and proprietary algorithms allow companies to predict unexpected interdependencies that drive growth, innovation, and efficiency.  Sonia’s expertise in Deep Learning, as a PhD ‘18 candidate in Mechanical Engineering at Stanford University, provides the impetus for Scrapworks. Her PhD focuses on defining the critical moments for design interventions in autonomous vehicles.

Sonia is a dual citizen of the United States and Nicaragua and is conversant in five languages.  She is a researcher at Stanford’s Center for Automotive Research (CARS). She received her MS in Engineering from Stanford’s Joint Program in Design, under the direction of David Kelley. She holds a BA in Industrial Design from the Rhode Island School of Design.