Safia Qureshi


Safia Qureshi, Architect and Designer based in London, launched CupClub in 2018. CupClub is the pioneer of reusability in consumer food and beverage packaging, having delivered the service at scale commercially for major NextGen food and beverage brands. Key awards include Best UX Design 2019 Fast Company and New Plastics Economy Winner from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. 

Providing a key focus for the team to serve customers across the EU and North America in the drinks category was a strategic decision with the aim to build out a commercially scalable solution in one category first. As of March 2020, CupClub crossed 400,000 customer orders, using only a stock volume of standardised 10,000 reusable cups and lids. Safia has led on product, helping the company define universal drop point design and standardised reusable packaging for scalability, allowing brands to develop their own packaging to operate across the platform. 

Safia also directed the company to design and publish it’s work in sustainability with a focus on delivering an LCA methodology that calculates impact down to every reuse by tracking reusable packaging with a digital ID across the platform.  

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As a result, CupClub is market leading with a record return rate of 95% across retail and 99% across closed buildings. Customers include NextGen consortium brands Starbucks, McDonald’s, Coca Cola, Yum Brands, Nestle, Wendy’s as well as leading food service company Baxter Storey, Cushman & Wakefield and retailer John Lewis & Partners.



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Instagram: @safia_qureshi