Rebecca Casey

Senior Vice President, Marketing & Strategy


Rebecca Casey holds the position of SVP, Marketing & Strategy at TC Transcontinental Packaging. She leads a high performing cross-functional team responsible for the execution of market and business strategy, as well as planning, implementing, and managing the overall product market strategy and branding. Rebecca fosters strategic thinking within the organization, so that employees are equipped to avoid reactional decisions or behaviors. Over her 24 years of experience, she has held numerous positions in the chemicals and packaging industry. She has worked with many of the top CPGs, designing packages to protect product, support brand messaging, and meet consumers’ needs. Her expertise lies in translating consumer trends and market insights into product innovation and strategic business developments.

Rebecca also believes in workplace diversity and inclusive thinking to drive results and foster change, as well as the need for continued industry investment and collaboration to create circularity for plastic. She serves on the Executive Board for the Packaging Consortium as well as the PMMI Women’s Network Committee.

Rebecca has a B.S. in Chemistry from the University of Illinois and a MBA from Northern Illinois University. She was also nominated as one of the “Women Breaking the Mold” in 2019 by Plastic News.

Why do you want to serve on the Executive Committee?

Growing up in the countryside of the Illinois Valley, on a 120 year old family owned farm, I could witness from a very young age the impact of climate change on our community and people life. When you live out of agriculture, work the farm, and wish everyday that Mother Nature gives you good weather, so you get the crops expected to feed your community and not lose the yield, it builds a connection with the earth that still burns inside me today.

Our everyday actions have an impact on the environment, and I know that live green through sustainability can help improve the quality of life of our communities and families as well as our fauna and flora. Sustainability brings a purpose and kindness between the nature’s ecosystem to ensure we keep our earth healthy.

I truly believe that we can turn waste into value, but that is a collective challenge. Through collaboration and committees like the SPC Executive Committee, we can build the bridges that will forge one community with one purpose. Plastic has its place in the environment and the economy, it just has been misused by individual goals instead of a united and collaborative approach. I want to be able to share this connection I have with my industry peers and find solutions together to develop our recycling infrastructures and collection rates, reduce food waste, educate the younger generations, and do good for our communities and the farmers that work hard to get food on everyone’s table everyday.

What do you think you would contribute as an Executive Committee representative?

In addition to my childhood lifestyle and my connection with our nature, I bring 24 years of experience in the chemicals and packaging industries. I foster strategic thinking and love to drive intuitive collaborative innovation. I can contribute to the SPC Executive Committee with a strategic mindset around understanding the entire value chain of plastic packaging and ultimately creating value for plastic waste. From the chemical composition and polymer properties, the design and manufacturing of a package, the distribution systems, the consumer shopping habits and usage, the recycling or compostable collection streams, to the reuse of the recycled plastic, I can provide a holistic view of the plastic industry and contribute to forging the right bridges to create one community with one purpose.

My understanding and experience in commercializing new products will help the Committee to better understand the consumers: what they want, how to educate them, how to make a difference and how to reach and attract them. I am passionate about how a package communicates to the consumer and how it can transform the way they engage, shop, buy, and manage the package’s end of life.

Finally, I also believe it is important to take ownership to what you contribute and make sure it is better for the environment. I am a committed person and wish to participate actively in industry initiatives to create circularity for plastic packaging, get inspired and keep our earth healthy.