Paul Nowak


Senior Director of Sales Strategy & Business Development

I have worked in the packaging industry for more than twenty five years across operations, sales and brand development. I am a student of the industry and nerd out on discovering new ways to innovate for our customers.

In 2013, I came to QuadPackaging with the acquisition of Proteus Packaging and with the goal of helping build a company that solves problems for our customers. We listen to them, we find their pain points and then we translate those ideas into marketable ideas. QuadPackaging then leverages the technology of Quad/Graphics to create data-driven packaging solutions that are as effective at driving sales as they are beautiful. Simply put, we challenge our customers to imagine more, to push the envelope in terms of what

technology can do and create solutions together that don’t yet exist. We strive to be a true packaging partner in every sense of the word.

My focus areas are: Strategic planning, strategic business development, business management and product innovation.

When I’m not busy creating new customer solutions, I love spending time with my two rescue dogs, Otis and Audrey and finding new opportunities to volunteer and give back to my community. I am also a nerd outside of work reading Marvel comics and watching Marvel movies more than any one person should.