Prior to joining GreenBlue, Mike worked at The Recycling Partnership as their first Director of Organizational Effectiveness, where he led initiatives resulting in more effective cross-functional collaboration and more efficient internal operations. As a long-time sustainability advocate with 15+ years of design, strategy, and operations experience spanning startups and enterprise organizations, Mike brings an extensive background in helping teams accelerate progress by working together more effectively.

Since graduating from Ithaca College, where he studied business and communications, Mike has collaborated with teams across technology, healthcare, finance, entertainment, retail, and environmental impact organizations.

What is your why?

When my first child was born, I found myself imagining the stories they would tell about their parents. Immediately, I realized I needed to shift the focus of my career from technology to directly addressing the climate crisis. Having always been in love with our planet and furious at the waste and destruction we’ve caused, I am now committed to applying my skills coaching and developing organizations toward accelerating our transition to more sustainable ways of operating our modern economy.