Kristi Hansen

Plastics Forming Enterprises

​​​​Kristina Hansen is PFE’s Technical Director.  She is a graduate from Wentworth Institute of Technology in Boston MA.  She is actively involved globally with several associations in the plastics recycling industry such as but not limited to APR, EPBP, SPC, PIA, SPE.  She is an active participant of the Association of Postconsumer Plastics Recyclers (APR), PET Technical Committee, Olefin Technical Committee, Rigids Committee, Films Committee and Communications Committee.

Her role at PFE has been to work closely with the client (reclaimers, brand owners, suppliers, converters, and trade associations) to better understand the recycle community and the challenges that product selection and design has on the recycle steam quality.  She also manages projects for their full service testing analytical lab and recycle pilot facility.   Louis Tacito (President of PFE) and Kristina Hansen work together to grow the plastics recycling industry with quality first on the list.

Kristina’s knowledge combined with PFE’s capabilities will continue to provide plastics manufacturing and plastics recycling clients worldwide with solutions in consulting, research and development, engineering, and strategic consultation.  PFE delivers practical answers and provides clients with tools to address the challenges of conforming to growing recycling regulations while maximizing profits.

As technology and materials application have evolved, PFE has continuously adjusted to support the ongoing research and engineering through the commercial development of recycling technologies.  PFE’s ability to perform on-site evaluations and upgrades has provided clients education as well as financial benefits.  PFE also continues to lead development efforts for the next generation plastics recycling pilot facilities and the processing of materials from new sources of plastics.

Kristina is focused on helping PFE with its continuing commitment in supporting plastic material suppliers and brand owners with the innovation of their products and packages to improve recyclability and increase the recycle content.