Kerri Ulloa

Eileen Fisher

Kerri Ulloa is a pioneer in branded recommerce. With laser point focus, she has committed her career to helping shift consumer perceptions around used apparel, while demonstrating proof of concept for circular design business models.

As part of the founding team of EILEEN FISHER’s resale and circular design program, Kerri played a key role in the national expansion of the EILEEN FISHER Renew. In 2013, she opened the Renew flagship store and the Renew Recycling Center in Seattle, WA. She now focuses on Renew’s brand marketing and marketplace strategy, helping the industry-leading program to achieve double-digit growth every year during her tenure. Before this, Kerri worked in community management at a local photo sharing software start-up. She has two kids, 4 and 2, and lives in the Columbia City neighborhood of Seattle.