Karen Hagerman

Director, How2Recycle

Karen Hagerman has been named Director of How2Recycle, filling the role held by Caroline Cox, as she follows her passion down another career path. We are grateful for Caroline’s passion as she led the program and launched a new member platform. Karen will continue and expand on the foundation with a growing team, growing demand, higher need for expediency, transparency and accountability. Highly qualified, experienced and motivated, we are confident Karen will continue to grow How2Recycle to new heights. Her work at GreenBlue has included developing, launching, and facilitating SPC Collaboratives and building out work on policy and Extended Producer Responsibility. After a nine-year career in operations and program management as a CH-53E Helicopter Pilot in the Marine Corps, Karen shifted her energy towards addressing plastic pollution and responsible resource usage. She earned her MS in Sustainable Engineering from Villanova University, with a focus on circular and resilient systems. Karen holds a BS in Aerospace Engineering from the United States Naval Academy. Always looking for ways to improve herself and her surroundings, Karen is a trained yoga teacher, avid trail runner, and committed trash-picker-upper.