Jay Tapp

President & COO


Jay Tapp is an impactful business leader, sustainability advocate and international entrepreneur with a consistent record of building successful companies. 30 years of experience in the packaging, printing, and plastics industries, Jay is an internationally-recognized thought leader for packaging design and enabling supply chains for the ‘real’ circular economy. Jay has been on the forefront of the ‘new wave’ of sustainability and is particularly interested in developing and commercializing plastic waste mitigation solutions. Recycling, recycled content, biopolymers, compostability, LCA and ESG certifications, claims and food waste advocacy are his vocation and avocation. As an active YPO (Young Presidents Organization) leader for over 20 years, Jay is a Board member of the YPO Gold Chicago chapter and currently an Exco member of the YPO Impact Circularity and YPO Plastics Networks where he focuses on sustainability – business for good to improve people and planet. Jay is a competitive USA Swimming master’s swimmer, a proud father of four and a grandfather of two. He and his wife, Dawne, split their time between Chicago and the PNW.

Why do you want to serve on the Executive Committee?

Deeply passionate about sustainability and an active member of the global sustainability movement. I am the Learning Chair for the global YPO Plastics Network (focus on sustainability pillar) and the YPO Circular Economy Network. We focus on the six transitions of Circularity. Not just packaging, but much broader work on SDG goals and how ESG policies are informing change. I believe in the work being done by the SPC and Ellen MacArthur Foundation. Now is the time to act, and am prepared to give generously of my time and attention and help facilitate the execution of the jointly evolved strategies of the SPC. Thank you for your consideration!

What do you think you would contribute as an Executive Committee representative?

I keep on learning every day. The Environmental crisis is the challenge of our times and I want to everything possible to help. I have a broad global perspective on most areas of sustainability. I truly believe that the best solutions are very dependent on local infrastructures (for recycling – mechanical or advanced; composting – industrial, AD, home; and other end of life options) One of the biggest challenges is the reduction of food waste and I see packaging design needing to become more and more deeply integrated. Personally, I have spent the last 30 years in flexible packaging (both paper and plastic as well as plastic alternatives) and all forms of films and rigid structures are familiar.