Hayley Thompson

Business Development Manager


A graduate of Humber’s Package and Graphic Design program, with a career that spans both Brand and Converter roles, Hayley is interested in and inspired by the spaces between silos and bridging these gaps – seeking the best collaborative way forward by considering decisions’ consequences from multiple perspectives, to maximize impact while minimizing inertia and ennui.

Why do you want to serve on the Executive Committee?

I want to support the SPC in increasing reach to have a more energizing, accessible conversation with a wider audience. There is so much isolated and confusing information out there – I want to find ways to gather and compile it for a better user experience and debunk misinformation. I’d like to spend time finding out what’s working and not for current members, and barriers to entry for prospective future members.

What do you think you would contribute as an Executive Committee representative?

Unbridled enthusiasm. A genuine passion for making things better.