Christiane Waldron

Business Development Director, Kaneka Americas Holding

Christiane Waldron is the Business Development Director and the head of the newly formed Biopolymers Division at Kaneka Americas Holding, Inc. Christiane is a Chemical Engineer with more than 25 years of experience in the food, Pharma and Biotech industries with special expertise in Bio-fermentation and process scale-up. Kaneka has developed unique biopolymers called PHBH that are not only Home and Industrially Compostable but also Marine Biodegradable. We are focused on helping brands meet their sustainability goals because we believe our oceans and our landfills need a break from environmental pollution. Recent findings show that consumers are very aware and sensitive to marine pollution and they are demanding action from corporations and legislations. Kaneka’s ability to develop and produce PHBH will help brands do good, be good and meet their goals.

Why do you want to serve on the SPC Executive Committee?

I was in Egypt recently visiting the great Pyramids of Giza, while doing a camel tour in the desert, I noticed plastic bottles and plastic litter everywhere within a few hundred feet of this treasure that the ancient Egyptians have left us to admire more than 5000 years ago. All I could think about when I saw the plastic pollution was “this is our legacy now! waste and plastic, what are we doing to our planet?”. With my work at the SPC, I want to help companies and consumers realize there is a way out, it might not be instant, but we can get there. While I was also at the last SPC conference, we discussed the circular economy a lot. I have also come to realize that recycling is critical but it faces a lot of challenges. Many MRF’s are not able to handle small scale plastic or small single use and I really believe companies and brands need to come up with multiple plans so that they are not caught in a situation where legislation forces our hand. The industry should take the lead in developing solutions that can meet a slew of issues now before it is too late. Consumers are worried about the plastic pollution now then ever before, even more than climate change. we need to act now.