Bobby Maddrey

Georgia Pacific

Bobby Maddrey is the Global Sustainable Forestry & Biodiversity Manager for Georgia-Pacific. He has been with GP since June of 2005. He works with GP’s Sustainable Forestry team to ensure a sustainable legal fiber supply. He also manages biodiversity issues and projects, eNGO stakeholder engagement, and GP’s Endangered Forest Program.

Prior to joining GP, Bobby was Director of Partnership Programs with the National Wild Turkey Federation. His primary focuses there were managing NWTF’s relationships with forest industry and restoration and management of wild turkey populations, primarily in the western U.S., Canada and Mexico. Bobby also spent fourteen years with the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission as a District Biologist in coastal North Carolina.

Bobby has a M.S in Wildlife & Fisheries Science from the University of Tennessee. His graduate research dealt with black bear ecology in managed forests in eastern N.C. He also holds a B.S. in Wildlife Biology from North Carolina State University. He is an avid waterfowl hunter and surf fisherman is his spare time.