Prior to joining the Marketing and Communications team as a Program Associate, Annika worked in various marketing and event planning roles, but most recently as an Account Manager Intern at L&E International Ltd., which is a sustainability-driven packaging company based out of Portland, OR.

Annika received her B.S. in Graphic Communication and minor in Packaging from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo in 2022. During college, Annika was the President and Social Media Manager of Cal Poly’s Zero Waste Club, and she also spearheaded the development of a campus-wide online training on how to live a more sustainable lifestyle within the campus community. With a background in print, Annika saw packaging as a way to apply her passion for sustainability and zero waste in her profession.

When she’s not trying to save the world, you can find Annika taking long walks with her dog and doing arts and crafts of many kinds.

What is your why?

I believe that the packaging industry can help pave a path to make the world rethink how they’ve always done things. With more awareness, people have the ability to make compromises in their lives that are better for the planet, allowing current and future generations to meet their needs and live comfortably.