Adam brings a collaborative, systems thinking approach to circular economy challenges, focusing on building bridges between stakeholder groups and translating macro trends into action. As part of the Circular Ventures team, Adam serves as point lead for the PET Recycling Coalition, an impact-driven initiative aimed broadening the circularity of PET and unlocking new sources of recycled content. Adam’s approach is grounded in an extensive understanding of sustainable material flows and life cycle thinking, having studied the international landscape of recycling policy and emerging recovery technologies at Eunomia Research & Consulting as well as bringing over a decade of experience working across the packaging and packaged goods value chain at the Sustainable Packaging Coalition. Adam has worked closely with multi-national corporations, NGOs, startups, government agencies, and academic institutions, gaining a deep appreciation for the value of diverse perspectives in addressing systemic challenges. At The Recycling Partnership, Adam works to bring it all together by guiding big steps towards a more resilient and sustainable materials economy.