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Verizon Wireless

Last Update: Jan 28th, 2019
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Recycled Content

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Verizon will source at least 50% of our paper annually that includes 10% PCW content.

Responsible Fiber Sourcing

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90% of the paper that Verizon sources will be FSC certified by 2017.

Verizon will give purchasing preference to paper suppliers that identify the source of their products and can verify that the products do not contain fiber from ancient/endangered forests or forest types of countries that are known to be problematic.

Eliminate Unfavorable Materials

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Ensure that finishes on packaging elements for prepaid mobile devices contain less than 10 percent volatile organic compounds (VOCs)

Renewable / Alternative Energy

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We’ve set a goal to add an additional 24MW of green energy in our operations by 2025.

Material Efficiency

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Statement Of Support

Verizon will endeavor to minimize the amount of paper it purchases by adopting practices that reduce consumption. Such practices can include (but may not be limited to) reducing the weight of paper being used in a particular process or working to promote electronic communication (such as electronic billings and notifications).

Water Consumption

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2025 Goal: 5% reduction (vs. 2016 baseline)

Greenhouse Gas Emissions

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By 2025, we will reduce our carbon intensity (a measure of the overall carbon we emit divided by the terabytes of data carrried by our networks) by 50 percent over the 2016 baseline.