2022 Winner: WestRock


KD-Fold™- E-commerce solution designed with sustainability in mind

What it is: KD-Fold™ is a proprietary tube-shaped, single-face corrugated fanfold packaging substrate designed to be fed into WestRock’s automated system, Pak On Demand™, efficiently producing custom-sized mailers for e-commerce shipping needs. The design of the KD-Fold™ reduces the amount of fiber needed in e-commerce packaging by producing a tight-fit, eliminating space and the need for void fill. The KD-Fold™ is delivered in compact pallets that are easy to store and handle and can be pre-printed with a one-color design in a continuous repeat pattern.

Why it matters: The KD-Fold™ uses an average of 50% less paper than a small, corrugated box needed for the same contents. KD-Fold™ is both SFI (Sustainable Forestry Initiative) and FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified. It is also curbside recyclable. The Pak On Demand™ has a footprint of only 5’ x 12’, requiring less space in back-of-store operations or space used for e-commerce order fulfillment. Since only one operator is needed for the Pak On Demand™, labor reduction and savings are possible.