End Markets

Exploring how companies can create more demand for recycled materials.


Kim Carswell, Target, and Derrick Lawrence, Seventh Generation, and Dave McClain, Printpack 

The End Market Industry Leadership Committee was created to identify ways to create more demand for raw materials that are made out of recycled consumer products and packaging. The committee will explore existing efforts in the area of increasing demand for recycled content and consider new ideas. When possible, we will  to implement those ideas when possible for markets that are experiencing more supply than demand or materials that are not recycled today (multi material).

Objectives of the End Market ILC

  1. To work together to understand what the barriers are to increasing recycled content in durable goods and in packaging.
  2. To identify ways to increase demand for recycled content in durable goods.
  3. To identify ways to increase demand for recycled content in packaging.
  4. Act as a network for current work underway to increase awareness and engagement.

This Industry Leadership Committee is always looking for new SPC member participants. Please email trina.matta@greenblue.org to become involved.