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Circular Economy for Flexible Packaging (CEFLEX)


CEFLEX is a collaborative initiative of a European consortium of companies and associations representing the entire value chain of flexible packaging to enhance the performance of flexible packaging in the circular economy.


Project Goals & Deliverables:

By 2020 flexible packaging will be recycled in an increasing number of European countries, facilitated by CEFLEX initiative through:

  • The development and application of robust Design for a Circular Economy Guidelines for both flexible packaging and the ‘End of Cycle’ infrastructure to collect, sort and recycle them
  • The identification and development of sustainable end markets for the secondary materials recycled from flexible packaging.

By 2025 the development of a collection, sorting, and reprocessing infrastructure for post-consumer flexible packaging across Europe, facilitated by the CEFLEX initiative through:

  • A robust business case for collecting all flexible packaging
  • Successful pilot projects to demonstrate ‘proof of principle’

Key learnings

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CEFLEX is the collaborative project of a European consortium of companies representing the entire value chain of flexible packaging and continues the work of Project REFLEX and Project FIACE.

Website: https://ceflex.eu/

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