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SPC Innovator Awards

2019 submissions closed January 16th. Thanks to all who entered.

The Sustainable Packaging Coalition recognizes meaningful contributions and advancements towards more sustainable packaging through the annual SPC Innovator Awards. The awards celebrate and showcase the outstanding people and organizations behind extraordinary advancements in packaging sustainability.

The nomination period has been changed to a rolling deadline, so we will be accepting nominations for the 2019 awards starting April 26, 2018 through January 16th 2019. Winners will be notified in winter 2019 and the awards will be presented at SPC Impact on April 1st, 2019 in Seattle, WA. All awardees are requested to attend SPC Impact.

All winners will be given an award plaque suitable for prominent display. The SPC will coordinate publicizing the finalists and the award winners. Announcements of the award winners and their respective projects or programs will be promoted by the SPC through the SPC website and written communications such as newsletters and social media.

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Award Categories

Outstanding Person or Team

Recognizes an individual or team of individuals who have significantly contributed to making packaging more sustainable.

Innovation in Responsible Sourcing

An advancement in extracting or creating packaging feedstock materials in a more environmentally responsible manner and/or a novel use of responsibly sourced materials.

Innovation in Design Optimization

An advancement in more efficient and/or effective use of packaging materials that lowers the life cycle impacts of the package-product system.

Innovation in Recovery

An advancement in recovering the residual environmental and economic investment embodied in packaging after its use, or an innovation that enables greater and more beneficial recovery of packaging at end-of-life.

Judging Panel

Lisa Pierce Packaging Digest
Victor Bell Environmental Packaging International (EPI)
Steve Mahler Design Manager, Sustainable Development Manager, Caraustar
Walter Peterson Nestlé USA
Kim Carswell Director of Packaging, Target
Nina Goodrich GreenBlue Executive Director, SPC Director
Adam Gendell Associate Director, SPC
  • 2018 SPC Innovator Award Winners
    Coca-Cola's 89-oz Simply Juice Container Packaging Innovation
    Envision and ViTA Breakthrough Process
    PepsiCo, Natureworks, Danimer Scientific, Omya, Berry Plastics and Johnson-Bryce commercialize bio-based barrier films Outcome of a Partnership
    Ashley C. Hall, Sustainability Manager, Walmart Outstanding Person
    Victor Bell, President, EPI Outstanding Person

    Sustainable packaging innovators earn kudos

    Sometimes it’s hard enough to make any substantial gains in sustainable packaging goals. But it takes extra effort and zeal to really excel. When that happens, the entire industry—and perhaps even the world—advances.

    On April 25, the Sustainable Packaging Coalition applauded innovation and leadership in sustainable packaging with the presentation of its 2018 SPC Innovator Awards. Excellence in sustainability and packaging was recognized in four categories: Packaging Innovation; Breakthrough Process; Outcome of a Partnership; and Outstanding Person.

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  • 2017 SPC Innovator Award Winners
    Chad Kreye, Target Outstanding Person
    Avery Dennison, CleanFlake™ Solution Packaging Innovation
    Hefty® Energy Bag - Dow, Reynolds Consumer Products, Recyclebank, First Star Recycling, Conagra Brands, Systech Environmental Corporation Outcome of a Partnership
    Keurig Green Mountain MRF Flow Study Methodology Breakthrough Process

    The sustainable packaging community celebrates achievements

    Adam Gendell, Associate Director of the SPC:

    “The submissions we received were a clear indicator of the impressive breadth and depth of our members’ activities in packaging sustainability. Our awardees are taking chances and deserve celebration for their enterprising and creative ideas. All of these winners went beyond the easy wins, and showed true commitment to creating meaningful change.”


    Read the Full Profile of the 2017 SPC Innovator Award Winners

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