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2019 SPC Innovator Award: Innovation in Responsible Sourcing finalist

Annie’s Homegrown: 35% Postconsumer Recycled Cereal Liner & Education Graphic

Annie’s Homegrown and supply chain partner Charter NEX worked together to develop a new cereal liner that uses at least 35% postconsumer recycled HDPE and is suitable for direct food contact. The Annie’s Friends cereal box includes special consumer-facing messaging around the use of recycled content.

Why it’s important:

Any company who successfully navigates the challenges surrounding the use of postconsumer recycled content in film applications deserves credit, and this is no exception. What makes this extraordinary, however, is the prominent marketing message, which broadens consumer engagement in recycling by reminding them that the use of recycled content is enabled by their participation in recycling. Although postconsumer recycled content is widely used in plastic packaging, proud marketing claims are far too rare, and Annie’s deserves credit for giving it the spotlight!

Original submission:

“Annie’s Friend’s Cereal: 35% Post-Consumer Recycled Content HDPE Cereal Liner & Education Graphic”

What impact on sustainable packaging has this submission made?

Annie’s Launched a new SKU in Dec 2018 as a line extension to our Cereal Portfolio. The new ‘Friend’s’ Cereal, a delicious blend of cocoa, honey and vanilla bunny shaped oat, corn and rice cereal had a new innovative cereal liner. This cereal liner developed closely with Charter NEX was made from at least 35% post-consumer recycled content PE. This HDPE film is in direct food contact with the cereal and is truly a huge advancement in the drive to find end markets for recycled polymers. The project was ~1 year in the making and required extensive testing to develop the BEST high qualify & high-performance specification. Annie’s is committed to proving that there is demand for this stream of recycling. Food packaging can exist in a technical closed loop system when it makes sense.

In my opinion the best part of this package is how creatively the Annie’s team was in messaging this innovation. The entire back of the cereal box (which are the most read food packaging) is devoted to explaining the benefits of recycling materials & and how our cereal bag liner is partially made from 35% post-consumer recycled plastic from things you recycle like plastic milk jugs. Milk from milk jugs & cereal- the perfect combination! On the back 3 bunny friends sort their recycling by type of packaging and explain how to use the how2recycle logo to find the best end of life for your packaging. Thank You to the whole team!

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