Transport Packaging

Studied the role that transport packaging plays in sustainability. Developed a resource on definitions and key considerations.


Launched: July 2011

Team leaders:

  • Matthew Harris, Manager, Environmental Affairs, CHEP Equipment Pooling Systems
  • Justin Lehrer, Program Manager,
  • Minal Mistry, Senior Manager, Sustainability Solutions, GreenBlue


The contributions of transportation and transport packaging to sustainable packaging systems are not always recognized. This group has convened industry experts to explore several objectives: knowledge transfer of transport packaging data to various technology solutions such as the SPC’s COMPASS tool, review of packaging and supply chain testing standards in relation to transport packaging, and collaboration with supply chain partners to optimize transportation packaging utilization, reuse and recovery rates.


  • Learn from case studies and demonstrated best practices around transport packaging and sustainability.
  • Leverage opportunities to incorporate transport packaging considerations into data-driven packaging evaluation practices.
  • Develop an educational presentation that overviews the role of transport packaging in sustainable packaging systems.