Karen Franczyk is a passionate community builder, curious environmental steward, and meticulous program manager. With nearly 25 years of experience blending profitable operations and sustainable solutions, she brings a wealth of expertise to Phood as their first VP of Partnerships.

Her experience ranges from owning and operating an organic farm to leading national sustainability initiatives at Whole Foods Market. Most recently, she led the Wasted Food Solutions program at the Center for EcoTechnology (CET). In this role, she helped a wide range of businesses develop and implement long-term sustainability programs, engaging new technologies and managing the budgets to get them there. Karen is passionate about driving triple bottom-line wins, and genuinely engaging folks along the way. 

At Phood, Karen is creating new solutions designed to help grocers and other food service operations systematically follow the EPA’s Food Recovery Hierarchy in order to eliminate as much wasted food from their supply chains as possible. Reducing food waste is our most actionable solution to climate change, and Karen joins a team that is working to address it in a big way.