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Last Update: Jan 24th, 2019
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Recycled Content

Bio-based / Renewable Materials

Recycled Content

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By 2020, discontinue legacy products that do not meet current standards for renewable resources or post-consumer recycled content.

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Energy Consumption

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Achieve net zero electricity consumption at our headquarters (HQ).

Water Consumption

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By 2020, keep HQ water consumption at 2016 levels, while growing the number of employees in Boulder.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions

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In 2018, decrease carbon dioxide emissions from air travel by reducing the total miles flown per $1,000 of sales by 5%. In 2018, decrease reimbursed vehicle mileage per $1,000 by 5%.

Manufacturing / Operational Waste

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In 2018, complete waste characterization study with Eco-Cycle.

In 2018, increase HQ waste diversion to 90%.

In 2018, help at least nine foodservice operators implement a front-of-house Zero Waste program.

Improving Recovery Infrastructure

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In 2018, support establishing a baseline of the U.S. population with access to composting facilities that accept compostable foodservice packaging. By 2020, play an active role in the successful expansion of access to commercial composting of foodservice packaging in at least three communities.

Increasing Recycling

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By 2018, collaborate to develop a scalable model for foodservice film recycling.

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