April 20-21, 2021 | Virtual

Pivot Point for Purpose

The 2021 event will be centered around the drive towards meaningful and long-overdue bold change, building back better and addressing big sustainability challenges with purpose that translates into action.

SPC Impact by the Numbers


SPC Impact by the Numbers

Event Highlights

Tour | AgRecycle
Join Carla Castagnero, Founder and President of AgRecycle on a Virtual Tour of their facility to learn more what AgRecycle, a Pittsburgh based company and Pennsylvania’s longest operating commercial composting operation. AgRecycle was the recipient of the first General Composting Permit issued by the Commonwealth and added food scraps to their feedstock stream in 1998. In 2004, AgRecycle began its acceptance of certified compostable food service ware products, pioneering generator education programs as well as the collection and management of these products in conjunction with the large amounts of food waste associated with them. AgRecycle continues to be Pennsylvania’s largest composter of food scraps with a client list that includes professional sports teams, universities, convention centers, department stores, restaurants, special events, corporate cafeterias and coffee bars. AgRecycle’s finished compost products can be found in the broadest settings from botanic gardens and green house growing to farm fields to the ever increasing presence of urban agriculture sites to backyard gardens.

Tour | Pregis Innovation Center
Welcome to the Pregis IQ, our crossroads of sustainability and innovation. Here our experts are eager to tackle your toughest packaging challenges by analyzing your product and business needs, the complexities of your supply chain, and the impact damage can have on your brand. At the IQ we take a consultative approach to deliver validated package designs that minimize material usage, incorporate recycled and renewable content, and control total cost. Not only is the unboxing experience front and center, we ensure packaging stands up to the various testing methods required as an ISTA Certified Laboratory and member of the Amazon Packaging Support and Supplier (APASS) network.

Tour | Recology San Francisco
The Recology San Francisco Transfer Station and Recycling Center and Recycle Central at Pier 96 are the hubs of resource recovery activity in San Francisco. Together these two facilities sort and process over 3,000 tons of material daily including comingled recycling, compostable material, and construction and demolition debris. Operating one of the most technologically advanced recycling facilities in the country, Recology has continuously proven itself as a leader in landfill diversion and resource recovery. Join us to learn more about the innovative technologies and polices implemented by Recology to help drive the city of San Francisco towards zero-waste.

Tour | AMP Robotics
Have you ever wondered what happens to that plastic bottle or aluminum can after you toss it in your recycling bin? At increasing numbers of material recovery facilities throughout the country and around the world, once your recyclables make their way there, they’re sorted and processed by artificial intelligence (AI)-guided robotics systems. AMP’s proprietary AI technology applies computer vision and deep learning to guide high-speed robotics systems to precisely identify and differentiate recyclables found in the waste stream by color, size, shape, opacity, consumer brand, and more, storing data about each item it perceives. This technology can recognize and recover material as small as a bottlecap and as unique as a Keurig coffee pod from complex material streams so that these materials may serve another productive life in the economy. Join us for a look at these systems in action, followed by a live Q&A.

Concert | Bridget Kibbey (Harp)
Weaving a musical narrative depicting the evolution of song, dance, and harmony – from the baroque to the Belle Époque– while showcasing the harp’s vast expressive range via works by Bach, Fauré, Albeniz, and her own musical neighbors in NYC! Bridget will have answering audience questions about the harp for the SPC Impact audience at the end of her performance.

Concert | Christina Jennings (Flute)
Flutist Christina Jennings will share a diverse program of music written for the oldest instrument, the flute. Celebrating the voices of diverse composers and messages, this program will highlight miniatures of beauty, anguish, repose and searching.

Concert | Peter Thomas (Cello)
Along with his electric cello and looper, Peter J Thomas (cellist in the MSO), will perform a myriad of his own arrangements ranging from classical music to rock and roll.

Concert | Rachel Barton Pine (Violin)
Join international violinist Rachel Barton Pine for a recital of lyrical and virtuosic classical favorites that will delight and move you. Heralded as a leading interpreter of the great classical masterworks, Pine is an award-winning, chart-topping artist who performs with the world’s leading orchestras and has recorded 39 acclaimed albums. Her many recital appearances include performances for Lincoln Center’s Great Performers series and the National Gallery in Washington D.C. She holds prizes from several of the world’s leading competitions, including a gold medal at the 1992 J.S. Bach International Violin Competition in Leipzig, Germany. During her GreenBlue recital, Pine will introduce each composition, sharing what she finds special about it. She’ll perform on the “ex-Bazzini, ex-Soldat” Joseph Guarnerius del Gesu (Cremona, 1742), on lifetime loan from an anonymous patron.