July 20-22, 2021 | Virtual

Design for the Circular Economy & Bringing Down Barriers to Advance Chemical Recycling

SPC Engage 2021 is the event from the Sustainable Packaging Coalition that takes a deeper dive into a central topic, with level-setting content and showcasing significant work being done around the world. The 2021 event will be a 2-day event divided into two big umbrella topics (one per day) with initiatives around the world in the realms of Design for the Circular Economy, and Bringing down barriers to advance chemical recycling.

During this summer event, we will showcase examples of significant work being done around the world on the topics; examples of collaboration, innovation and effective policy; and the opportunity to dive into the event central themes.

SPC Engage by the Numbers


SPC Engage by the Numbers

Event Highlights

Tour & Demo | EEQ’s Packaging Ecodesign Portal
In this interactive session, Genevieve Dionne from Eco Enterprises Quebec will share the features of their recently launched portal dedicated to ecodesign. This tool has been developed to help companies create and market ecodesigned packaging, develop and ecodesign initiative. Its centered around optimization; energy efficiency during the manufacturing process; improving consumer experience; designing for reuse and recyclability. The platform also includes educational information on ecodesign, packaging design, a planning grid and financing resources.

Tour | E-Halo Tool: Managing Packaging Sustainability Everyday
Sharing how a technology solution called ‘e-halo’ provides clear and transparent structural packaging and sustainability data to allow you to optimize packaging, manage compliance and tax liabilities whilst reducing your environmental impact.

Tour | Agilyx
Tigard, Oregon (US), is home to Agilyx and the site of our commercial-scale advanced recycling facility, Regenyx, our R&D labs and our Tigard Cyclyx facility. The tour of our Tigard operations will include observing our process for aggregating and preparing post-use polystyrene from commercially contracted suppliers and the local community. We will then follow the prepared polystyrene as it is fed into the Regenyx facility, which utilizes Agilyx’s advanced recycling technology.

Tour | Braven Environmental
The tour will mainly focus on the working aspects of the Braven Reactor Train (BRT). This is the heart of the pyrolysis technology that allows Braven Environmental to divert plastic from landfills back into the polymer circular economy. Far beyond conceptual, Braven’s is actively producing daily, and we look forward to sharing our immediate success stories and future growth goals.