Staff Feature

Welcome: Cassandra Clayton

June 17, 2022

The Sustainable Packaging Coalition is pleased to announce Cassandra Clayton has joined the team as a How2Recycle Project Manager.

Why sustainability?

I grew up in a household that reused everything; egg shells went in the garden, yogurt containers were turned into building blocks, magazines were saved for art projects, clothes were shared amongst my mother and sisters, and new garments were only bought secondhand. Everything needed to be used until it was broken down. While my passion for sustainability started in our individual impact, my professional journey has opened my eyes to the need for large-scale advocacy and action. I’m thrilled to be working for an organization that encourages industry to take tangible and meaningful steps towards securing our planet’s future.

What do you hope to accomplish at Greenblue?

I hope to inspire individuals and organizations to think critically about what we are taking from the Earth and how we are using those materials throughout their lifecycle. I love that GreenBlue takes a realistic approach to the problems we face in our modern life. Initiatives like the How2Recycle label are key to our future as they target both the manufacturer as well as the consumer; combining every aspect of commerce. I hope to bring further awareness and adaptability to our work.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

At any given moment, if I could, I would be in a new city eating a local dish at a restaurant with a view. As traveling has been much more difficult recently, I like to spend my time gardening, painting, cooking for loved ones, and practicing yoga.

Happiness is…

Reading next to an open window in my favorite chair with my cat, Amelia, on my lap, in a clean house, while drinking an iced lavender oat milk latte.