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Volumetric Efficiency

Minimize the amount of material used. Optimize cube utilization at all pack levels. Eliminate all unnecessary packaging

Barilla America

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Seeking logistical optimization to maximize saturation in storage and transportation.

Cisco Systems Inc.

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Increase product packaging efficiency by 50 percent by FY25, as measured by package volume per weight of product (FY19 base year).

Clysar, LLC

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We work to optimize end-to-end space cube efficiency of our films during distribution and transport to our customers’ operations, as well as reducing the material volume and weight of their packaged materials.

Colgate-Palmolive Company

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Minimizing the volume and weight of packaging required to label and protect our products

Daewon Industrial Co., Ltd

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Daewon is seeking to reduce the use of raw materials by designing products with reduced weight and volume.

Kao USA, Inc.

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Increase shipment volumes per shipment: We are proactively making adjustments including impoving loading efficiancy, changing product sizes and using larger vehicles

LG Electronics

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Starting in 2014, LGE has focused on improvements in packaging design by setting targets for reduction in the weights, volume and space of packaging for each business sector, and checking target achievements twice per year.


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2020 plan to minimize environmental impact of product packaging:
Increase overall product-to-package size ratio from 29 percent to more than 50 percent.
5 percent average YOY individual programs improvement in product-to-package size ratio

Mondelez International

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Lead the way in pack optimization and material reduction

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