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Volumetric Efficiency

Cisco Systems Inc.

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Once basic packaging and material requirements have been met, Cisco evaluates four additional aspects of environmental package design:

• Packaging material optimization: Designing a package that adequately protects the product from transport damage or waste while optimizing the volume of material and complying with all relevant environmental regulations.

• Space efficiency optimization: Designing a package that optimizes space/cube efficiency during transport.

• Optimizing distribution: Designing the product for distribution in order to further reduce the amount of packaging material used and/or GHG emitted in transportation.

• Environmentally friendly materials: Including recycled content and recyclability in product designs.


Our ongoing commitment to minimizing the size of our product packaging will also further help us utilize space in shipping containers, helping us cut emissions from transport by reducing overall weight.

Ford Motor Company

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We seek to achieve emissions reductions by improving the efficiency of our processes, by adopting new technology and by using alternative modes of transport. [including]

• New packaging designs that carry extra loads

• Greater load density for fewer trips and lower fuel consumption

General Mills, Inc.

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We continually innovate to reduce the environmental impact of packaging through better design – by decreasing materials use, switching to lower impact materials (including renewable) and improving truckload packing efficiencies.

Home Depot

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We remain committed to operating in a sustainable manner throughout our network by continuing to move more product on fewer trucks.

Honeywell International

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Here are the criteria we use to evaluate new products:

• Reducing the use of natural resources during manufacture and distribution

• Increasing the energy efficiency of the product itself, or because of its use

• Reducing waste production

• Opportunities to reuse and recycle

• Opportunities to use recycled or renewable materials

• Reducing and eliminating classified toxic or hazardous materials

• Packaging more efficiently

Kao USA, Inc.

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Increase shipment volumes per shipment. We are proactively making adjustments including improving loading efficiency, changing product sizes and using larger vehicles.

LG Electronics

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The company will keep reducing the weight and volume of the packaging materials.


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2020 plan to minimize environmental impact of product packaging:

Increase overall product-to-package size ratio from 29 percent to more than 50 percent.

5 percent average YOY individual programs improvement in product-to-package size ratio.

Reduce overall package weight by more than 10 percent


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