Press Release

Submit your package or process innovation to the 2022 SPC Innovator Awards

April 25, 2022

The 2022 SPC Innovator Awards are now open – submit your packaging sustainability innovation today!

Every year, the Sustainable Packaging Coalition recognizes meaningful contributions and advancements toward more sustainable packaging. The awards celebrate and showcase the outstanding people and organizations behind extraordinary advancements in packaging sustainability.

Get inspired by 2021 winners

Awards are given for innovations in Responsible Sourcing, Design Optimization, Food Waste Prevention, and Recovery. The winners of last year’s SPC Innovator Awards demonstrated an impressive ability to navigate tradeoffs while integrating sustainability throughout the packaging life cycle.

In Responsible Sourcing, the winner used a high percentage of recycled content for thermoforms and promoted closed-loop packaging solutions. In Design Optimization, the winner designed a monomaterial, readily-recyclable alternative to a challenging format. In Food Waste Prevention, two winners extended shelf life and added important features that tackle the causes of downstream food waste. In Innovation in Recovery, the winner created a Store Drop-Off eligible snack wrapper and promoted this recovery pathway with a national marketing campaign.

Tips for a winning submission

Ready to submit an entry? An innovation is more likely to advance to the finalist stage – and be selected as a winner – if it:

  • Showcases a breakthrough in its category – see past years’ winners for what was considered a novel solution in past years
  • Demonstrates the use of third-party certifications, standards, and testing protocols, including but not limited to FSC, SFI, APR, How2Recycle, BPI, TUV, etc.
  • Refrains from generic sustainability claims that are not reinforced by certifications (e.g. “fully recyclable”, “responsibly sourced”, “compostable”)
  • Provides as much technical information as possible about the achievements of the package (e.g. spec sheets, LCA output, certification status, test results, etc.)
  • While the submission may focus on improvements to primarily one category (e.g. responsible sourcing), it should not “take a step backwards” in other categories (e.g by compromising material health when reasonable alternatives are available)

Submit your innovation here.

The submission period will close on Friday, July 8th, 2022. Member companies are able to submit a maximum of 3 entries, either in a single category or in multiple categories.

Finalists will be published on SPC’s website and newsletter, and winners will be announced and awarded a plaque during the Innovator Awards ceremony at SPC Advance 2022 in Atlanta. Additionally, SPC Innovator Award Winners will have the option to develop a life cycle analysis-based case study jointly with Trayak.