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2019 SPC Innovator Award: Innovation in Design Optimization finalist

Sealed Air: StealthWrap

Sealed Air recently introduced a new substitute for corrugated shippers in e-commerce channels with StealthWrap, a right-sized outer packaging solution that uses an optimized amount of thin film to protect and conceal products for shipment.

Why it’s important:

Although many products are packaged in boxes that are sturdy enough for e-commerce shipping, an outer package is still required to provide a palette for labels and shipping information and to conceal the product information, which usually leads to the “box in box” solution that often requires the use of an oversized corrugated shipper with protective dunnage. StealthWrap provides an option that enables significant gains in volumetric efficiency, which is important to improve transportation impacts, in addition to significant reductions in material usage.

Original submission:

“Renewable Bio-Based Polyethylene Foam for Sustainable Protective Packaging Applications”

What impact on sustainable packaging has this submission made?

In the current packaging world, consumers have become accustomed to receiving a box within a box, and while the material waste and inefficiency of nested cartoning is evident, it has long been the only method available to provide adequate protection for the item in its original packaging. The shipped outer box is often a standard large size which causes it to be expensive to ship due to its higher dimensional weight. Further, the extra box and unnecessary packaging materials packed inside the outer box can result in huge materials waste, higher labor costs, and higher fuel cost which lead to environmental concerns. There is a great need for a new technology which is more efficient and can offer strong packaging performance for damage reduction with good sustainability benefits. The high-performance capabilities of StealthWrapTM can truly eliminate a significant amount of corrugated cartons from the global supply chain, bringing unprecedented simplicity, sustainability, and cost efficiency to retailers, large-scale fulfillment operations, and third-party logistics providers.

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