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Part 1

After nearly two years of development, the Recycled Material Standard (RMS) will soon be released for a public review and comment period. Two webinars are being offered to review the standard and address commonly asked questions.

The first webinar, or Part 1, is scheduled for October 28, 2020. The second webinar, or Part 2, is scheduled for November 4, 2020. Each webinar will cover key elements of the Standard, so stakeholders can provide the most substantive feedback during the public comment period.  Webinars will be recorded for participants that cannot attend the live session.

In this first webinar for Part 1, the following will be discussed:

– The rationale for certification of recycled materials
– Open-loop and closed-loop systems
– The RMS approach
– Types of certification claims and control systems
– Definitions for recycled materials (post-industrial & post-consumer)
– Two types of chain of custody claims, percentage-based and mass balance allocations

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Part 2

In this second webinar for Part 2, the following will be discussed:

– Recap on certification claims and control systems
– Deep dive on the RMS ARC trading system
– Additionality tests
– Eligibility for existing processors
– Reinvestment criteria
– ARC registry
– Retiring certificates and making claims

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Laura Thompson
Presenter & Project Lead, Recycled Material Standard (RMS), GreenBlue

Since 1995, Laura has worked primarily in the pulp and paper industry in a wide variety of positions – from R&D to product development – including 12 years as Director of Sustainability for Sappi North America. In her role, Laura was Sappi’s point person for several industry wide collaborative organizations including The Recycling Partnership and the Sustainable Packaging Coalition. As a result of her volunteer spirit and her accomplishments in various STEM roles, Laura was named as the 2018 Woman of Distinction by the Girl Scouts of Maine. Laura’s educational background includes a degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of New Hampshire and an MS and PhD in paper science from the Institute of Paper Science and Technology.  Laura will be using her technical skills and collaborative nature to lead the development of GreenBlue’s Recycled Material Standard.

Elizabeth Ritch
Moderator & Project Manager, CleanGredients, GreenBlue

Elizabeth Ritch joined GreenBlue in May 2016 as a Project Associate focusing on the CleanGredients program, where she works with manufacturers of chemical products to find, use, and market greener chemistries.  Prior to joining GreenBlue, she worked with Ramboll Environ as an environmental consultant helping companies evaluate environmental risks in the context of business transactions, providing litigation support related to soil and groundwater contamination issues, and assessing compliance with environmental regulations.  Elizabeth holds a BA in Environmental Thought and Practice and Physics from the University of Virginia.  In her free time, Elizabeth enjoys spending time outside and experimenting in the kitchen.

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