The How2Recycle® Label is the leading US-based on-package recycling label.

How2Recycle® is the next generation recycling label.

It can be applied to any consumer product packaging, made of any packaging material or format. The program was launched in 2012 and has experienced exponential growth in the years since. The program now consists of over 150 member companies that place the How2Recycle label on packaging to inform consumers how to recycle accurately and where to go if they need to find information specific to their municipality.

The Sustainable Packaging Coalition created How2Recycle for a variety of reasons: valuable recyclables are still ending up in landfill, recycling labeling is not yet standardized, and recycling information can be hard to understand. Not only is the How2Recycle label designed to alleviate these issues, but it is also designed to comply with the Federal Trade Commission’s Green Guides that regulate environmental marketing claims. As a project of SPC, How2Recycle also has its eyes on the future of innovation in packaging design for recyclability and recycling economics.


How2Recycle plays a critical role in the effective recovery of materials by providing a platform for brands to communicate recycling instructions for packaging directly to their end consumers. End users of packaged goods – citizens – are integral to sustainable material management. Without their participation the material loop cannot be properly closed.

SPC members get special discounts on How2Recycle membership. See the How2Recycle Join page for more information on becoming a member.

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