The Essentials of Sustainable Packaging

Online educational courses on sustainable packaging topics.

What is the Essentials of Sustainable Packaging?

The Essentials of Sustainable Packaging, authored by staff experts at the Sustainable Packaging Coalition, endeavors to offer knowledge specific to the field of sustainable packaging to both novices and professionals with the goal of helping to create a more sustainable society that benefits both people and the planet.

We currently offer 12 asynchronous online courses developed to be useful for people across the supply chain who want to expand their understanding of the sustainable packaging space. By intentional design, anyone can benefit from the deep dives that explore the nuances around sustainable packaging as these lessons are not industry or job specific and are broadly applicable across company roles. That is, no previous packaging knowledge is needed to benefit from these educational courses.

The Essentials of Sustainable Packaging is evolving! How?

The current course content is being restructured, updated, and optimized into different modalities for a more varied, interactive, accessible, and exploratory experience. Learners can look forward to a greater mix of explanations, case studies, short videos, infographics, practice activities, bibliographies, learner discussions, and no-stakes assessments in the revamped courses. To reflect the constant developments within the space, the new learning platform will have more robust features that allows for the course content to be updated as newer information becomes available. An optional and non-accredited Certificate of Knowledge can be achieved by passing a final comprehensive course exam.

When will the current Essentials of Sustainable Packaging be retired and how will the scheduled retirement affect Learners who are currently enrolled?

Present and potential Learners can enroll in and complete courses up until the last day the current Essentials of Sustainable Packaging courses and platform will be available, which is December 31, 2022. This means all portals, all courses, all Learner accounts, and all Learner progress will be deleted after December 31, 2022.

Can I enroll in the current Essentials of Sustainable Packaging before the courses and platform are retired?

Anyone who would like to access the courses before they are retired is still welcome to purchase individual access from the e-store, with the understanding that the last day of access is December 31, 2022. 

SPC Members should email our team at to inquire if any complimentary individual licenses are available for your company. If all the complimentary individual licenses have been used, then you will be advised of the 50% off coupon code, which can be used during checkout from the e-store.

Sustainability is an asset and an opportunity for your business. Do you have the knowledge to achieve your company’s goals?

The Sustainable Packaging Coalition created the Essentials of Sustainable Packaging training program to educate professionals about the top subjects in sustainable packaging, such as:

  • Designing for recovery
  • Bioplastics
  • Compostable packaging
  • Material health
  • Ocean plastic pollution

Courses available on-demand online

The training program is designed for professionals and for whole teams in a company, such as sales, marketing, and executive leadership. No previous packaging knowledge is needed to benefit from this training program. By taking these courses, you will be able to understand how sustainability effects packaging decisions, and your company as a whole.

Developed by the SPC and taught by the SPC staff, the Essentials of Sustainable Packaging starts with a 5-part “Core Content” course that covers all major materials and a multitude of product sectors, diving into the sustainability considerations for a package’s entire life cycle: sourcing, design, use, recovery, and beyond.

These courses unpack advanced and nuanced considerations for their unique supply chains, environmental profiles, and recovery possibilities. 

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Onsite Training

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NEW: Live Stream Training

Expert SPC staff members present our course content and answer questions live via Zoom, an online video communication platform, for an integrative, personal learning experience. If you are interested in exploring this unique learning opportunity specifically tailored to your company’s sustainability learning needs, let us know!

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