Wes Benson

Taco Time Northwest

Wes Benson is Franchise Affairs and Sustainability Manager for Taco Time Northwest, based in Renton, WA.  For the past seven years, Taco Time Northwest has led the industry locally in developing a single-container, all-compost waste diversion program in TTNW’s eighty dining rooms.  Wes has been involved in this program from the beginning, working with the City of Seattle during the stakeholder process, developing systems, signage, and training, and encouraging constant improvement along the way.  Since then, Wes has been involved in electricity conservation through changing behavior in the restaurants, and in testing new, more energy-efficient equipment; maximizing back of the house waste diversion (focused both on composting and recycling); and developing Taco Time Northwest’s solar program for all new construction.  He holds a BA in English from the University of Washington.