Vas Obeyesekere


Vas Obeyesekere is an Industrial Designer for Amazon’s Consumer Experience group, dedicated to providing the a delightful customer experience while leveraging the bleeding edge of sustainable technology.

Vas began his career at Dell, working on consumer electronics and designing new and exciting packaging to adhere to Dells emergent sustainable packaging goals. He transitioned to the fast paced life of design consultancies thereafter, and became Creative Director of Point Innovation. During his tenure, he a global design award for a Green Laptop – a sustainable laptop that incorporated its packaging into the overall user experience, as well as it’s life cycle.

Vas’ spent 10 years in the consulting world, designing everything from medical packaging to jet interiors. His wide ranging and eclectic background allows him to attack packaging challenges in new and unique ways. When Vas isnt working on the next great green packaging design, he is working on making his own board games, obsessively working out, and challenging anyone to find him a better city than Seattle, WA.