Tom Wetsch

Pregis, LLC

Tom Wetsch leads innovation at Pregis, LLC where, for the past 30 years, Pregis has been a leader in protective packaging including polyethylene foam, bubble wrap, mailers as well as on-demand packaging systems. As global demand for parcel shipping packaging expands, he has been instrumental in building new technology platforms. These technologies, combined with acquisitions that are targeted at ecommerce, have allowed Pregis to achieve double-digit growth rates over the last decade.

As a senior level operating executive with global experience, Wetsch has demonstrated a strong ability to commercialize new packaging solutions. Over the last five years he has not only scaled resources to keep up with growth, but also has put over $200 million in capital to work. A proven track record of delivering consistent, predictable and strong EBITDA growth rates at high margins, he has demonstrated achievements in both large and small organizations as an intrapreneurial innovator.

During the course of his three-decade long career, Wetsch has been involved in packaging development for consumer (FMCG/CPG), medical, medical device and industrial packaging. He has held positions in sales, marketing, engineering and operations with the goal of solving packaging challenges for leading organizations. These included Starbucks, P&G, IBM, McDonalds, and S.C. Johnson, to name a few. Wetsch also has started up multiple custom converting and core technologies centers in cast sheet, blown film, printing, laminating, thermoforming and cushioning technologies.

Currently, Wetsch is the Pregis’ Chief Innovation Officer with a focus on leading design thinking, innovation and product development. He is also has P&L operating responsibilities for a number of SBU’s and is responsible for identifying and targeting acquisition growth initiatives.

Additionally, Wetsch is credited with more than 70 patents and has experience in IP litigation to defend and protect core technologies. He continues to innovate and apply design thinking to the NPD process.

Prior to Pregis, Wetsch worked for Sealed Air, Wellman, Alcoa and Sonoco (Alloyd) in various roles. He has a B.S. Industrial Technology Degree with a concentration in packaging from U.W. Stout and a MBA from Northern Illinois University.