Tamsin Ettefagh

Envision Plastics

Tamsin has 31 years of experience in the areas of recycling and plastics recycling; from implementing a recycling collection program, to running the Recycling Operations for a MRF, to purchasing raw materials for plastic recycling companies, to selling recycled resins for plastic recycling companies, and consulting for agencies, banks, potential plastic manufacturers on market conditions, types of supply and how to evolve and diversify markets for recycled resins. She was on the APR board 15 years and served as Co-Chair of The Carolinas Recycled Plastics Council for two years.

As cofounder she is currently working as Vice President for Envision Plastics the second largest HDPE Plastic Recycling Company in North America. She created a Blog called “Save The Plastics” to help educate the public on the misnomers of Plastics and developed strategy around commercializing FDA grade recycled HDPE.