T.A. Wu

Spring Pool Glass

T.A.Wu is director/ CTO of Spring Pool Glass, the largest glass recycling company in Taiwan, which recovers over 100,000 tons of waste glass annually and transforms it into valuable material and products. His ultimate goal is to “forge a unique industry for a green, circular economy” by “converting limited resources into sustainable materials that can be continuously recycled.” Wu was awarded the 2018 Taiwan Presidential Innovative Award and has been featured by the Discovery Channel for his innovative invention of green building material.

He has a graduate degree from the University of Cambridge and also has been awarded as 2018 Eisenhower Innovation Fellowship. His career started at the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation as the transnational corporation’s analyst in investment decisions and resources planning. With a tremendously profound interest in recycling, glass material, and arts, TA specializes in innovative research and development of glass material as well as optimal design of factories. He owns several patents of material development in the US. His ultimate goal is to forge and sustain a unique industry for a green circular economy.