Steven D. Smith

Vice President, COO


Mr. Smith’s more than 30 years’ senior ownership and management experience began in 1978 when, at age 24, he founded Manutek, Inc., an Indianapolis company that specialized in innovating and manufacturing advanced electronic systems. During the 16 years that he owned and operated the company, he developed and produced key products for a list of premiere companies that included GM, GE, AT&T, JBL, Eli Lily, IBM, Truvision, and Motorola, among others. Twice cited by the Governor of Indiana for his contribution to that state’s high tech industry, Mr. Smith was also a national finalist for Entrepreneur of the Year, and he appeared on a segment of ABC Nightline that highlighted high-tech firms with dynamic growth. From 1993 until joining Filmquest, Mr. Smith managed growth and turn-arounds for several different technology companies. In mid-May 2007, he joined Filmquest Group, Inc. as Vice President of Operations and in September 2011 he was promoted to Vice President and is responsible for day to day operations. In February, 2015 Mr. Smith joined Allied Packaging as Vice President, Chief Operating Officer. Mr. Smith attended Purdue University with majors Engineering and Business, and a minor in Psychology.

Why do you want to serve on the Executive Committee?

After recognizing that most, if not all secondary packaging ends in landfills, Allied Packaging changed the paradigm. Using material science and physics, we developed a system that improves load containment; reduces stretch film usage by over 50%; and eliminates corner boards, strapping, and even tier sheets for most loads, thus reducing environmental impact. Allied has been an innovator for more than 30 years, and was among the first to go totally paperless, thanks to software developed in-house. We have incorporated sustainability into our daily working lives. Our corporate values make an Allied representative an excellent fit with SPC’s mission to protect our planet and to make it possible for customers to do the same.

What do you think you would contribute as an Executive Committee representative?

I bring years of technical expertise in product development, and represent Allied’s corporate commitment to reduce human impact on the environment, along with its tradition of innovation combined with science culminating in products that use resources wisely and sustainably. These are what makes Allied an industry leader and a valuable ally for SPC. We focus on what we can do better, eliminating “not invented here” attitudes. Collaborating with a group having a similar philosophy allows sharing ideas and encouraging universal acceptance of more sustainable packaging practices. Allied is committed to SPC’s mission and are happy to become a partner in protecting our planet.