Steve Davies


Davies is responsible for the Performance Packaging Business at NatureWorks, a company formed with the mission of bringing to global markets a broad family of naturally advanced, renewably sourced, materials.  He regularly represents the broader bioplastics industry, providing a provocative perspective on functional materials innovation to audiences that span from manufacturers, to trade associations, consumer brands, and policy makers.  In his 14 years with the company, he most recently led NatureWorks Public Affairs function, defining the company’s cradle-to-cradle strategy, including renewable feedstocks sourcing and strategy and product recovery strategies, and managing the company’s industry and stakeholder relations, external communications and media relations. Previously as NatureWorks’ global marketing director, Steve was responsible for market development with Ingeo plastics in rigid and flexible packaging, food service-ware and durable goods, and with Ingeo fibers in apparel, personal care, home and garden.