Stefano Giusti

AFC Packaging

Italian, BA in Business Management at LUMSA University in Rome, and a Master Degree in Marketing at the University of Viterbo. Our family company, Policarta, has always worked in the paper converting industry since its foundation in 1983, and I started first as Project Manager, then as Chief Strategy Officer until we entered into the AFC Materials Group, a Chicago-based industrial conglomerate. Within the Group, I’m now the Vice President of Global Packaging and, in particular, the General Manager of the new AFC Packaging division (which is including Policarta’s operations). I’m currently attending, as a candidate, an MBA at MIP Politecnico di Milano Graduate School of Business.

My expertise as well as our company’s one is on flexible packaging, in particular paper-based flexible packaging and its recyclability.

Why do you want to serve on the SPC Executive Committee?

Because I think it’s has been missing an essential component in the Committee: the paper converting. Usually, it’s either represented the paper production world, the paper recycling world, or the cardboard production and converting one. Instead, more and more brand owners and converters are moving to lightweight paper to replace plastics but without the right expertise to design and produce a paper-based packaging truly recyclable and sustainable.
For these reasons, I want to provide the SPC community my in-depth knowledge of what means designing lightweight paper-based packaging and how to guarantee its recyclability for the implementation of a correct circular economy model.