Stacy Glass


Stacy Glass, Executive Director, ChemFORWARD

When I joined the Cradle to Cradle Product Innovation Institute team in 2011, I could not have imagined that safer chemistry would become central to my work and an enabler for the circular economy. In 2017 I began work on a new initiative to expand access to verified chemical hazard information as an accelerator for safe and circular design. In 2018 I spun the project out of C2CPII to address a larger market need. In 2019 we engaged in a co-design and proof-of-concept pilot alongside partners from Target, Google, Nike, Levis, Method, Steelcase, Environmental Defense Fund, C&A Foundation, ZDHC, and more. Today, ChemFORWARD is a science-based, non-profit, value chain collaboration.We believe that trusted data underpins the pathway to safer products for all, and that increased use of chemical hazard profiles for proactive decision making is a foundation for the circular economy. We are building cost-effective access to a trusted globally harmonized repository of chemical hazard assessments for safer alternatives. To lead this innovative project, I draw on 25 years of experience encompassing management consulting, high growth start-ups, public-private partnerships, and an MBA from Duke University.