Stacey Luddy

More Recycling

Stacey Luddy is the COO of More Recycling (MORE). MORE conducts research and develops information technology to drive sustainable use of resources. The company’s technology and deep understanding of the plastics recycling landscape have made MORE the trusted organization to deliver the annual plastic recycling reports for the U.S. and Canada for more than ten years. MORE is valued for its ability to deliver neutral guidance in navigating challenges in the plastic recycling space today.

Stacey leads the Plastic Squeeze Tube Recycling Project, a multi-stakeholder effort to bring tubes responsibly into the recycling system. The outcome of the Project is a Roadmap to Plastic Recyclability—for tubes and other packaging not currently accepted for recycling. Stacey manages overall operations for the company as well as the information management system that supports the annual Plastic Recycling Study and resources such as,, the Recycling Market Development Platform (coming soon), and the Film Drop-Off Directory on that supports the How2Recycle Label.

She completed her MBA, with a focus on Sustainable Enterprise and has dedicated her passion and experience to MORE’s mission: To provide forward-thinking tools and services to accelerate the transition to a society that manages resources sustainably.